Ive made an investigation and I discovered twitter works by following people to you get in touch with the topic you are following like:Glee(fox), global news ,Rihanna ,Lady Gaga and much more famous people but it isn´t always famous people you can have chat with your friends, twitter offers you a microblogging service that let you have a social life even in real life you don´t have it, the creator of this social network was Jack Dorsey ho decide While sitting in a park on a children’s slide and eating Mexican food (very rare what do you think) so he created or adopted the idea of SMS with a group and the people ho help him were Evan Williams and Biz Stone, he decided to named twiiter because  it was 'a short burst of inconsequential information and twitter is like WHAT´S HAPPENIG?",and something with birds thats why mostly twitter uses birds as logos,the number of users are 190 MILLION USERS AND GROWING can you just imagine how many people WOW!!!

Twitter gives you the service of commenting and posting that are called "tweets" and it offers you the tool to people follow you and the video chat tool, it help you to get news of a special person and to post your tweets and other people know about what you are doing, generaly it works by commenting,chat, people know you and you to know people, share your ideas like videos ,photos and links  with others , it also allows you to help people...

The bussines use it to do advertasings make people buy their products and make people know about a new collection or a new product so it is very useful for bussines cause majority of teenagers enter to these sites, it reaches to sell their products because teenagers allways want the new things so their parents buy them all kind of things.

The technology with other technologies by having instant messaging by having a group chat that messages get inmediatedly,email inform you about news,blackberry let you chat from other places without WiFI,smart phones connect and get news form daily events,laptops let you work from one portable pc, and text messaging let you post your tweets no matter what cellphone and much more...

Twitter or every social media can damage friend relations or worse because in tweets you can´t delete your tweets if something goes wrong,in chat or tweets you can´t express feelings or emotions,you gotta be careful cause if you publish private information every peoplewill know it so there are bad people creating false accounts on every social media there are many and it influence bad beacause something will go wrong on our lifes.

Social Media has replaced photo albums, television cause you cna see videos and faster,has replaced mostly verbal communication by chating all time and post and blog ,it has replaced the telephone by chating that has no cost.

They have changed our lives by creating addiction to being social and replace our family times cause children prefer being with friends,it has transform our lifestyle because everyday we feel the need of entering social medias,has ganged the point of watching the world because everyday you get news from the social media about medicine,videogames,science and everything,it make us able to be connect and be pat of the change.

This means the future society will know more and more each time,people will be very addict  they will chat being next each other maybe the voice will be banned many things could happen cause sometime we will be the change not the social media(ourselves will change the social media will not change us,cause we created).

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