As you noticed I have a site translator in my sidebar that translate the web page to your mother language , for me this is really good because now you can enter my blog and don´t have any problem to know what i´m writting about. I also add the flag counter that shows in which countries people visit my Blog.

- I participate on World Maths day and Spelling day it was so cool because I practice my maths. And as you noticed i´m from Colombia so with the World Spelling day I practiced my spelling and learnt more words I even didn´t know they exist.

- I also was part of the Earth Hour, that was the best experience for me because I was helping the planet ,during the Earth Hour I was with my family and we turn off the lights and light the candles they were many and we start playing many funny games I will never forget that hour !!

This was for Challenge 3 in the 2011 Edublogs

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