Yesterday my class we have a guest speaker ho tell us the about  the effect of technology in publicity,communication technology reaches a better audience by interactive publicity that are  publicity that can interact with us is not only a commercial is much better like the video below 
And moblie advertising is other , the publicity that get to you and it don´t stay at the same place like the video below...
She later show us one video that really impact it´s very funny but at the same time really technologic so whatch it maybe you already see one but this video was made in the purpose of how does it works so enjoy it!!! ;)
Today at the school  morning we went to the auditorium to watch two presentations about webpages to make presentations similar as Prezi ones,so one presentation was about Glogster and the other was voicethread in here im gonna explain you what are that webpages for how to use it an my opinion of what is voicethread and Glogster.


Glogster is a social network that allows users to create a free interactive posters or a Glog(blog),it also allow you as user to interact with the blog content not only leaving comments.I think that glogster its a really good social network were I can insert as many things you want with animations its really cool you maybe sometime use it or look for more information I recommend this page to you!!

Voicethread is a multimedia slide show that let you record and insert to each slide it also let you insert videos, images documents and videos, In my opinion voicethread is similar to Powerpoint the only thing is that voicethread let you record you voice and insert it, I don´t really like voicethread I continue preffering Prezi is a zooming presentation without slides , so if you want you can try and use voicethread!! Here is a video below that teach you how to use voicethread so enjoy it.
I like to watch this video every day its so funny i can´t stop laughing, but the only thing is the poor jacob he is suffering every month cause his brother (the one ho films) mostly every month upload a video so he make jacob be sad:( to find a very good videos :), the best thing is jacob reaction is to funny so watch the video below...
If you like or dislike this video please comment I will take on account your comments.
  I made a prezi presentation that was awesome because  my teacher was thinking of buying a Play station 3 and i made a presentation about Kinect. She didn´t even know it existed ,so in her blog she put an opinion polle  to see  which videogame console to buy to her son, i was like laugthing all the day i cannot stop thinking about that.And today in my class qe start some group prezis to make about technology each group has a different topic and my was How people congratulate a relative abroad its a very good topic for me.So stay in touch with my blog im gonna leave you the link to my prezi !!!
Hello i am Alan and i am doing  this blog very well .i am really nervous and happy to do my first blog i will try to make this blog very interestins . Wait  for my second post ...LOL